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The Beginning
French And Saunders
Blue Peter
Go Rikki
Absolutley Fabulous
The Big Breakfast
Changing Mel's Room
Sporting Lunch
The Belch
Homage To Light Lunch

An interesting effect....


Welcome to my website dedicated to what was Light Lunch, on Friday 27 February 1998 Light Lunch as we knew it ceased to exist. On Tuesday 31 March 1998 Light Lunch became Late Lunch.

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This website does not contain any Late Lunch info, only the best of Light Lunch.

Although I have not added anything to this website for the last few months it does contain my favorite moments from Light Lunch, reason enough for its existence, or is it?

Why not send some feedback about the website or send me your Light Lunch link.

If you decide to 'borrow' anything within this website let me know if only to boost my ego.

For best results set your screen resolution to 800 x 600 pixels.

Version 3.2 Uploaded on Monday 27 February 2006.

No new content, just a tidy up, removal of the THE 5 O’CLOCK SHOW flyer.

Light Lunch lives on?